Dr. Rick Gross

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  • Chiropractor
  • Board certified chiropractic physician
  • National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL 2003, Doctor
  • of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science
  • Benedictine University, Bachelor of Arts
  • Illinois Chiropractic Society
  • American Chiropractic Association
  • Oswego Chamber of Commerce
  • Frequent speaker on current health topics
  • Current on continuing education, especially
  • Chiropractic adjusting
  • Functional medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • FirstLine Therapy diet, lifestyle, nutrition
  • Graston Technique, deep tissue treatment
  • Sole Supports custom foot orthotics
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • Cox Flexion/Distraction adjusting
  • Activator adjusting
  • Diversified adjusting

“I never thought I could have back pain, but that changed on June 13th, 1993. I was in martial arts class practicing my kicks with another student when all of a sudden I heard an unusual “Snap!” in the back of my leg, and down I went! I felt a sharp stabbing pain down my leg. My saving grace was that another student in the class was a well-known local chiropractor, Dr. DelVecchio. I was in his office the next morning and within 3 weeks I was out of pain completely! I continued with his recommended course of rehab exercises for another 5 weeks before getting back into my martial arts routine, and my sciatic pain has been a thing of the past ever since. It was that experience that helped shift my focus in career paths and led me down the wonderful road of becoming a chiropractic physician.

At that time, I did not know anything about chiropractors except that I was healed by one, and he was also a good friend of mine. When I selected National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois as my chiropractic school, I soon learned that it would be the most difficult academic curriculum I had ever encountered. I was used to taking a heavy load of undergraduate college courses with 18-21 credit hours per semester for each semester until graduating, but when I learned that NUHS had up to 28.5 credit hours in a single semester I knew I was going to be challenged. I was able to persevere and take on the challenge and realized that becoming a chiropractic physician would be the most rewarding experience in my life.

I have found that being a doctor is so rewarding because every single day I see miracles happen in front of my very eyes. If I stick to basic principles, I notice the best results. I focus on effective, research-based therapies. I recommend only the therapies I believe my patients need, and only for as many treatments as I believe they need. I keep up with current research and educational seminars to improve techniques and treatments. I treat each person in my office like I would treat my own family – with respect, compassion, and understanding. When conflicts or problems arise, I expect honest, open communication to resolve any issues, and I promise to do my best to ensure satisfaction. I never take for granted the trust I have earned from my patients.

I owe most of my success to my beautiful wife, Dr. Jennifer Gross. We met at NUHS, and we have been by each other’s side ever since. We both love chiropractic, and we also enjoy cooking and eating gourmet and international meals, working out at the gym, traveling, and spending time with close friends.

I still find time to work out each week, get adjusted each month, and maintain a good healthy diet that includes organic, fresh food with no unnatural ingredients. This allows me to talk about dietary importance with my patients from a firsthand experience point of view.

Now that you know more about me, the next step is to make sure we get to know you! My goal is to help you enjoy the best health you can. So give me a call so we can set up a time to begin your chiropractic journey!


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