Lower Intensity for Better Results

Lower Intensity for Better Results

We all know exercise is important for keeping our bodies healthy and energized. However, when we don’t see rapid results, often we stop making exercise a priority. We may even get to the point where not exercising is so normal that just thinking about the stress and pain of working out can be discouraging or overwhelming.

Compound this by the fact that, after age 25, our natural human growth hormone (HGH) starts to wane, and we begin to see signs of aging like arthritis, wrinkled skin, loss of bone density, and cardiovascular disease. It can quickly feel like a no-win situation, right?

The Good News: B3 Exercise Bands

Thankfully, you don’t necessarily need to put in hours and hours at the gym doing high-intensity workouts or consider using dangerous and expensive injections to reverse the signs of aging. Now there is an innovative product called B3 Exercise Bands.

How Do B3 Exercise Bands Work?

B3 Exercise Bands naturally and safely help your body produce the HGH you need to increase your energy and fight aging. When you exercise, simply strap the bands on your upper arms and thighs, fill them with air from a portable pump, and the bands do the rest.

Wearing the bands on your arms and legs creates a safe manipulation of blood flow. The process, called Blood Flow Restriction training, or BFR, simply causes your muscles to fatigue more quickly with an increased build-up of lactic acid. In less than 20 minutes of light working out, your brain thinks you’re doing a much more intense workout. As such, the brain then produces a growth hormone surge that previously could only be achieved through long, high-intensity workouts.

This increased release of HGH brings more energy to your body in healthy ways that keep you much more fit for less effort. In our busy lives today, who wouldn’t want that?

Where and When Should I Use B3 Exercise Bands?

You can use the B3 Exercise Bands anywhere and anytime you engage in physical activity, whether that’s walking, hiking, biking, playing sports, running, working out at the gym, or lifting weights. By doing short sessions of light exercise while wearing the bands, you can achieve high-intensity results without a massive time commitment or elaborate gym equipment.

What Results Can I Expect?

Honestly in less than 20 minutes a day for just a few months, you can work your way toward a better body, tone up your muscles, lose weight quickly, build muscle, and even achieve your “personal bests” in sports.

Is it Safe?

It is safe and effective. By lessening the intense stress on your body that comes from high-intensity workouts, that—admit it—not many of us do, we can work our bodies smarter, not harder. B3 Exercise Bands can help improve circulation and body function, which is beneficial for your cardiovascular system.

We all still need to make a commitment to do some exercise to stay healthy, but it doesn’t have to become your whole life for you to get results. With B3 Exercise Bands, you can put time back in your day as well as your body and get the physical health you want and deserve.

To learn more about the B3 Exercise Bands or to get yours and jumpstart your healthier lifestyle today, visit https://qcc.b3sciences.com.

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