B3 Bands and Sports Performance

B3 Bands and Sports Performance

On the heels of the World Cup wrapping up, sports performance is top of mind for many. These top-tier athletes put their bodies through so much stress and turmoil and even injury as they strive to be their best on the national stage. Improving performance is always on their agenda, and more and more, professional athletes—including those playing football and soccer—are using the BFR (blood flow restriction) technology of B3 Bands to improve their physical performance as well as speed recovery from injuries.

“We are seeing more and more athletes in our chiropractic practice looking for solutions to improve their sports performance,” says Dr. Rick Gross of Quality Care Chiropractic. “They may not even be injured, but they want to build up muscle, endurance, and lung capacity.”

Dr. Gross adds, “One of the top methods we have seen is adding BFR technology to their training program. Using the B3 Bands BFR exercise equipment, they naturally boost their muscle, speed, and lung capacity without adding more time, reps, or weights. They achieve higher goals faster just by using B3 during their normal workouts.”

B3 Changes the Game

B3 Bands truly create an athletic advantage because BFR training creates several profound effects in the body that cannot easily be attained with traditional training. Combining these four effects in an athlete creates significant performance changes.

  • Less Body Stress. The BFR technology requires less stressful workouts for the same or even better results, so athletes can put a lighter load on their muscles and joints.
  • Nitric Oxide Release. Nitric oxide signals blood vessels to relax, which allows them to expand and increase the delivery of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to every part of the body. BFR technology enhances this release for better and faster results.
  • Twitch Fiber Recruitment. The BFR technology causes complete and deeper slow and fast twitch fiber recruitment in the muscles. This means that it creates greater tension and contraction to increase muscle strength—much more than a standard workout.
  • Growth Hormone Surge. The BFR technology also creates conditions that foster a large human growth hormone surge. This helps repair cells, regulate metabolism, and maintain body composition, all of which are important for athletic performance.

Studies Show Benefits

Since we’re talking about the World Cup, Dr. Gross notes, “Studies are coming out showing that soccer players get more muscle mass, faster sprint times, and higher jumps by doing their regular training sessions while wearing the B3 Bands technology. Another study shows significantly better aerobic performance for soccer players when using the B3 Bands, which allows them to perform at their peak during a game without feeling as fatigued or getting winded as quickly.”

Whether you’re a superstar athlete or you just want to get to that next physical level, contact us at Quality Care Chiropractic in Aurora, IL, at (630) 499-2225 if you have any questions regarding the BFR technology of B3 Bands. We can help you understand how you can naturally enhance your performance and help you keep fit with whole-body health.

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