Resolve to Conquer Weight Loss

Resolve to Conquer Weight Loss

Happy New Year from Quality Care Chiropractic! The end-of-year holidays are a time of rest and indulgence (and perhaps overindulgence), so many make a resolution to get back into shape in the new year. This can be hard and frustrating while you struggle to find and build habits in a new routine. This year, you’re in luck. You can ease your way to permanent weight loss while getting in shape the healthy way with B3 Bands.

What Are B3 Bands?

B3 Bands wrap around your arms and legs to create a safe manipulation of blood flow called Blood Flow Restriction, or BFR, training, which simply causes the muscles to fatigue more quickly with an increased build-up of lactic acid. Use of the bands naturally and safely helps your body produce more human growth hormone (HGH), which increases energy and fights aging. When you exercise with the air-filled bands on your upper arms and thighs, the bands do the rest. In less than 20 minutes of light workout, your brain thinks it was much more intense and produces an HGH surge.

For additional information about the technology, check out the B3 Sciences website and our previous blogs: Lower Intensity for Better Results and B3 Bands and Sports Performance.

Why Use the B3 Bands?

Using B3 Bands has been touted as the “best workout for fat loss” because the production of HGH plus the “After Burn” is perfect for weight loss.

“To get the most out of any exercise or training program, we recommend always using B3 Bands,” notes Dr. Rick Gross of Quality Care Chiropractic. “Put the devices on your arms and legs to boost every workout routine, from walking to jogging and from weights to cardio. It’s good for everyone, from young competitive athletes to the elderly.” Dr. Gross adds, “The only way we workout anymore is by using the B3 Bands during exercise.”

What Is “After Burn”?

After Burn refers to the oxygen consumption after exercise that increases the calories burned; in other words, it’s a revved-up metabolism that burns more calories (up to 1,000) while you’re at rest. As such, it becomes a permanent weight-loss solution.

  • Achieving After Burn: In general, After Burn can be achieved with short bouts (45 minutes) of moderate- to high-intensity exercise several times a week.
  • Problems with Achieving After Burn: Most (99%) of people cannot (or will not) do this type of exercise for reasons that include the time involved, gym access, pain or soreness, physical limitations, age, and motivation.
  • B3 Bands Solution: Worry not! With B3 Bands, everyone only needs to do 10–20 minutes of light exercise a few times a week to get the After Burn results for high-intensity workouts.

B3 Bands and After Burn for Weight Loss

With the BFR training of B3 Bands, light exercise can achieve After Burn because your muscles fatigue as if you’re doing super high-intensity workouts. The B3 Bands restrict oxygen to the muscles, so you feel the burn quickly, even with walking or light weightlifting. The surge of HGH kicks in the After Burn, which uses more calories so you lose weight quickly. As long as you can find 10 minutes four days per week to lightly exercise, this lost weight never comes back.

Exercise Recommendations With B3 Bands

To get the most out of B3 Bands, here’s a recommended weekly 4-day program. Because the workouts take less than 20 minutes a day, they can be done anywhere without injury or next-day soreness.

  • Day 1—Cardio and Core: Light cardio (walking or treadmill for 8–10 minutes, taking two minutes of rest, and engaging the plank position (elbows and toes) for as long as you can.
  • Day 2—Upper Body: Work out the upper body with basic exercises like light tubing or light dumbbells for 15–20 minutes.
  • Day 3—Cardio and Core: Light cardio (walking or treadmill for 8–10 minutes, taking two minutes of rest, and engaging the plank position (elbows and toes) for as long as you can.
  • Day 4—Lower Body: Work out the lower body with basic exercises like light tubing or light dumbbells for 15–20 minutes.

Supplemental Products for Faster Weight Loss

B3 Sciences, the maker of B3 Bands, also offers some supplemental food products that accelerate weight loss by reducing daily caloric intake and satisfying hunger while providing excellent nutrition and energy.

  • B3 Meal: Perfect for adults and kids alike, this low-calorie, chocolate, plant based–protein meal shake is enriched with DHA, flax seed, coconut oil, fiber, and antioxidants.
  • B3 Satisfy: This is a boost with a refreshing blueberry-pomegranate flavor that provides energy while reducing food cravings and between-meal snacking.

With such technology out there, don’t doubt you can get in shape and keep your resolutions this year. For any questions about B3 Bands and exercises that work for weight loss, contact us at Quality Care Chiropractic in Aurora, IL, at (630) 499-2225. We help you get fit and stay fit with whole-body health.

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